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  • Track Mania Nations Servers

    Main Gaming servers

    Server 1 is FP custom maps, Server 2 is Nascar, Server 3 is F1, Server 4 is Rally

    To add to favourites cut/paste this to the ingame explorer at the top of the page. ( Move your mouse up to the top of the screen )





    It does not tell you if it has taken, you have to look in your favourites.

    Just clicking the link and launching the game may work too.

    Test server



  • Announcements

    • TeamSpeak Server Details   01/25/16

          IP Address:  Password: cod1
    • Forum Rebuild   08/02/18

      The whole dedi got encrypted so I have spent the last few days rebuilding it. The forum was last backed up a while ago so it will be a little out of date and some of your posts etc will be missing. TS3 back Cod2 back  
    • FP funds   08/04/18

      Fund's will support us until the 28th January.
    • TS3 update breaks TS3   08/12/18

      The latest TS3 client update will not work with our TS server. I have updated our server and it appears to be working now. You might have to update your client.
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