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  • Teamspeak 3




    Server I.P


    Ask on the Forum or our Facebook page

    For the Password

    Anyone can use these commands

     !register <nickname> 

    Registers a new user bound to the TeamSpeak-Account you are using.
    This account has no privileges by default but can be edited by the bot administrators. 

     !playing Display the currently playing song 

    Once registered contact a bot admin for permissions.

    Only registered users can use these commands.

     !password <value> 
    Change your password to <value> 
    Playback the next track (only when a playlist is active)
    Playback the previous track (only when a playlist is active) 
     !search <searchstring> 
    Search for tracks 
     !play <searchstring / uuid> 
    Playback a track by its id or search for a track and playback the first match 
    Resume queue playback 
     !queue <searchstring / uuid> 
    Enqueue a track by its id or search for a track and enqueue the first match 
     !queuenext <searchstring / uuid> 
    Prepend a track by its id or search for a track and prepend the first match to the queue 
    Stop playback 
     !playlist <playlistname> 
    Starts playing back the playlist <playlistname> 
    Toggle shuffle 
    Toggle repeat 
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