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      Fund's will support us until the 28th March.
    • Trackmania   01/15/19

      The nascar trackmania server is running. Port 2350 With new stats as the old ones went with the server encryption.

  1. Kelly

    It's been an Honour......

  2. SilverRook

    Playing some 80s cheese in the music channel - come join me.

  3. Lynne

    Slagggggggggggggggggggggggggggg ;)

  4. Red October » Lynne


  5. Kelly » luke1two1

    No mate. We did, but turned it off.

  6. luke1two1 » Kelly

    do you have any minecraft servers up and running

  7. trickrs » Kowalsky

    Hi Oliver, I've deleted some messages, you can pm again :thumbs:

  8. Kowalsky » trickrs

    Hi J., your postbox is _full_ so i cant't send any pm. Regards -O

  9. paddy414

    Don't just visit my page leave me a god dam message :face: thank you please

  10. ninjagoat

    Thanks pal yeah my sleeping is getting better mate :) Its a mix off the exercise and the right epilepsy medications helping me atm when it comes to sleep. I still get the odd sleepless nights.

  11. trickrs » ninjagoat

    Congratz Trev for what you did, this is a great achievement to be proud of. I forgot to ask one question, do you sleep better since then ?

  12. ninjagoat

    Sorry Steve for not replying only seeing this now. There up atm.

  13. Teccy » ninjagoat

    r all the servers down and ts ?

  14. trickrs » Destroyer

    We all do I guess...

  15. Parkinsonian Sprayer » Destroyer

    I miss you old mate. :-(

  16. Mod

    Not bad, still rolling. Little bit more rusty everyday...

  17. Kelly » Mod

    Hey up Teemu. I'm great, we're all great. How's you my friend?

  18. Mod » Kelly

    Hey man. How are you doing?

  19. CMPT

    Hallo Affiliate13, danke für den Antwort und immer wieder gerne Seelow, ausehr dem habe ich Geduld,ich bin ein "Seelow scharfschutze": Thumbs: Noch mal Danke!!

  20. Affiliate13 » CMPT

    Hi CMPT. I have asked the senior admins to think about you becoming an [FP] member. Personally i would welcome you as a member, but this is not a decision i can make. I am only little admin, others have been here many years and they choose new members not me. [FP] Community leaders decide who can be a member, so please wait some time for them to consider you. They will let you know their decision in a little time. For now please keep playing on Seelow, and please come here to the forum more often to talk with us so all members can know you better. :)

  21. CMPT » Affiliate13

    Hi Affi m8, How can I join [FP] member,because all the time wen I play people say CMPT is Chaeter. I am not Chaeter,sometimes I donate,and I like this Server. Thanks for your Time,and sorry because my English! Your old nemesis CMPT:-)

  22. {FP}TrickTrash » Jiggyprawn

    Lovely! Glad all's well, Tanya; Kids that age are a delight! My sisters youngest 2 are growing up fast and I'll miss the fun when they grow up too much for me to play with!

  23. Jiggyprawn » {FP}TrickTrash

    I am alright; got a hankering to deal with, job to start, stuff to make for a friend, visits and a big issue, but I will survive it all, I am certain! :D Maya is great though. Starting to talk - mimicking at the moment and trying to tell me stuff but making no sense whatsoever! :D All-in-all, we are well. x

  24. {FP}TrickTrash » Jiggyprawn

    I'm alright, Tanya: how are you & Maya? All well I hope :blowx: